A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 2

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Saturday and picked headlines from 22 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Saturday, April 02, 2016 is the first working day in the new Iranian calendar year 1395 which began on March 20. No paper was published in Iran in the past fortnight as Iranians celebrate the first 13 days of the year as Nowruz and enjoy New Year holidays.

Most of the headlines focused on the leader’s speech on the first day of the year in which he underscored the need for materializing policies of the economy of resistance. The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, also slammed the US for not honoring the nuclear deal by which Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for removal of US-engineered draconian sanctions.

The administration’s firm resolution to revamp the economy and expectations about the economic climate in Iran in the New Year were also considered by most papers on the day.

Here are the top headlines.



  1. Mischiefs being made in sanctions’ removal: Parliament Speaker
  2. Today, time for missiles, talks: Leader
  3. Gov’t cabinet approves raising penalties for corporate offenses
  4. Former admin’s performance cause of principalists’ election loss in Tehran: MP
  5. White House says formation of federal gov’t run by Assad unlikely in Syria
  6. Libya’s national unity government sails into Tripoli
  7. Nation’s awareness secures country’s future: Rafsanjani
  8. 4% drop in Nowruz road accident death toll





  1. BBC’s anti-Iran news hype
  2. Moscow, Washington agree on Syrian solution
  3. Tehran Friday Prayer Imam: Resistive economy means no to surrender, sanctions
  4. N. Korea: US is a nuclear threat
  5. Talks under way with Boeing





  1. FM: Iran to enhance defense might




Arman-e Emrouz:

  1. Fighting unemployment, recession possible thru Resistance Economy: Leader
  2. Belgium, Austria awaiting Rouhani visit

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to the two countries was canceled due to security considerations.





  1. Selfies with new face in Tehran

People take pictures with a pink Volkswagen car in the city of Tehran.

  1. About time for practice, action to better nation’s livelihood

A viewpoint about the Supreme Leader’s naming of the new Iranian calendar year as the year of “Resistive Economy; Practice and Action”.

  1. Explosions shake the world

Dozens of terrorist blasts in Turkey, Belgium, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan gripped the world by fear in the past fortnight.

  1. Report studies road accidents during Nowruz: “Unfinished trips”
  2. Hard year for dollar; Report estimates that the New Year will be a difficult year for forex market in Iran.
  3. Sad films get surprising reception in Nowruz





  1. Iran inflation rate at 11.6% for last calendar year
  2. Leader calls for practice, action for promoting nation’s livelihood, economy
  3. Assad says ready for early presidential election
  4. Rouhani urges nation to close ranks to develop country
  5. Admin plans for realizing economy of resistance





  1. Nowruz news-makers

The paper has highlighted the top news stories of Nowruz which include disqualification of Minu Khaleghi in parliament election after she won majority votes to make way to the parliament, cancer diagnosis of epic traditional singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian, return of top TV personality Reza Rashidpour to TV screens and national football coach Carol Quiroz’s farewell to Iran.

  1. Reza Zarrab captured in US for bypassing sanctions




  1. Judiciary ready to support legal investors: Chief
  2. Iran never succumbs to disarmament: Official
  3. Polls confirm nation’s satisfaction with judiciary’s performance
  4. IRR20,000b losses in Nowruz accidents





  1. Iran, Pakistan ink $5b MoU
  2. Leader offers 10 crucial suggestions for resistive economy
  3. Economists: Admin prepares for resistive economy
  4. Iran’s foreign policy busy in Nowruz days




Payam Zaman:

  1. Iran mulls 3 major oil plans in new [calendar] year
  2. Resistive economy means no to surrender, sanctions
  3. Islamic Republic successful sample for nations
  4. Economy minister unfolds details of resistive economy agenda
  5. New CBI report about housing market in Iran





  1. Time for practice, action: Leader
  2. Reduction in Nowruz accidents, death toll
  3. West’s new act of obstruction in Syrian crisis




Jomhouri Islami:

  1. Leader offers 10 fundamental proposals for practice and action for resistive economy
  2. Rain, snow grip most Iranian territories
  3. Tunisian president offers full support to Hezbollah
  4. Jordan’s King: Turkey transferring terrorists to Europe
  5. Iran, Pakistan sign cooperation docs
  6. Erdogan: Turkey will cooperate with Israel in fight against terrorism





  1. Both needed: missiles, talks

“Without defense power, we would have to retreat by every threat,” said the leader during his opening speech at the first day of the new Iranian calendar year.

  1. Rain saves nature [on Nature Day]
  2. Alarm goes off for JCPOA violation by US
  3. Cleric: Mortgage banks in fight with us





  1. Leader: JCPOA II, III, IV, US will
  2. Banking system busy with “money vendors”
  3. Assad hails help of Iran, Russia, Hezbollah in freeing historical city of Tadmur
  4. US unleashes new sanctions on Iran
  5. Maryland University poll: JCPOA implementation reduced Iranians’ trust in US





  1. Ten million visit Khorasan Razavi during Nowruz
  2. Film, Bodyguard, sells IRR20b




Rah-e Mardom:

  1. Report: Terrorist attacks in Europe and need for transparency of western stance to uproot such assaults
  2. Red alert for water in 6 major cities
  3. Iran needs no permission, confirmation for enhancing defense might: Commander
  4. Iran’s imports from Turkey down 23%





  1. If we are not strong, nation’s rights will be trampled upon: Leader
  2. Trump, Clinton start open fights
  3. JCPOA candy seems tasty for some: Cleric
  4. Boosting domestic production only solution to solving problems: Parliament speaker
  5. Rouhani says admin will pursue bolstering Iran’s defense might




Rooyesh Mellat:

  1. Violation of int’l rights by Saudi Arabia
  2. Fulfilled promises; vows left for injury time
  3. Iran firm in supporting Palestine





  1. Reza Zarrab [Zanjani’s assistant] captured in US
  2. UNSC convenes on Iran’s missile tests





  1. US issues permit to ease restrictions on trade with Iran
  2. Nowruz fraught with accidents



Mardom Salari:

  1. US: No curbs on missile tests in nuclear deal





  1. Heads of over 50 states miss Tehran, Moscow Nuclear Security Summit
  2. Zaha Hadid, architecture of Tehran’s Fereshteh Pasargad, dies
  3. US says fully honors JCPOA context




Abrar Eqtesadi:

  1. New US permit to sell planes to Iran
  2. Iran to attend Doha meeting without acceding oil freeze plan
  3. Iran sells 14mb of oil to Europe since JCPOA implementation
  4. Japan to build refinery in Iran



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