A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 12

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Tuesday and picked headlines from 21 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1-President Rouhani: Extremism, religious conflicts and terrorism are threatening the World of Islam

2-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Mogherini and 7 European commissioners will arrive in Tehran on Saturday

3-Spokesman for Atomic Energy Organization: Cooperation agreement with Europe is under preparation




1-Secret documents showing Saudi connection to Sep.11 attacks revealed

2-Talks with Saudis about Hajj Rituals



Armane Emrouz:

1-Supreme Leader meets Kazakh President: Islamic countries should cooperate honestly

2-S-300  Anti-Missile system on its way

Jaberi Ansari says the first part of the Iran- Russia agreement has been fulfilled.




1-Anti-terrorist Rapid Response Unit been established within Army

2-Supreme Leader with Kazakh President: The West is not serious in its war on terror

3-Iran and Kazakhstan sign 66 cooperation agreements

4-Germans to build petrochemical plant in Iran




1-Spring of Diplomacy:

The veteran President of the most economically important Central Asian country, a young Italian Premier, the UN special envoy on Syrian Affairs and Federica Mogherini are all being hosted in Tehran




1-Iran and Turkey sign important protocols

2-Rouhani in talks with Kazakh President: Sound of Islamic unity should echo globally




1-Pilot project in 10 provinces to reduce divorce rate

2-Warning about marriage matchmaking channels




1- Kerry on zero point: ashamed but not apologetic

2- Tight election competition next month

3- Two Hugo athletes work hard to find their way to Olympics 

4- Ecological campaign by local people in southern city of Shush



Payame Zaman:

1- Health Minister: People are hopeful for health scheme implementation




1-Supreme Leader and Kazakh President: West divides terrorism into good and bad

2-S-300 agreement has entered implementation phase

Kremlin has not denied delivery of first shipment of S-300 system to Iran

3-Insecurity in Turkey: 1300 hotels up for sale



Jomhouri Eslami:

1-India to invest $20bn in Iranian energy industry




1-462 sport facilities in Tehran are allocated for women




1-Head of Judiciary: Americans can not alter the essence of the Iranian system of government with new JCPOA

2-Chief Prosecutor: Labelling Iran a human rights violator because of its anti-drug trafficking policy is regrettable




1-Zarif exclusive: Not getting swallowed by global systems is one of the attributes of our power




1-Grandson of Imam Khomeini, Seyyed Ali Khomeini: Judiciary’s words are definitive – there should be no quarrel

2-Leader: West does not want to see Muslim nations united

3-Kazakh President: We should show the world Islam is progressive




1-Boats return to Urmiye Lake

2-Turkey has plans to attract Iranian tourists

special report on the tourism crisis in Iran’s western neighbour



Saheb Ghalam:

1-Iran and Italy to invest €6.2bn jointly in Iranian mine industry

2-Countdown starts for International Fajr Film Festival

3-Total to enter Iranian petrochemical sector



Asre Iranian:

1-Failed infiltration by Daesh [ISIS] through Iranian eastern borders last March

2-Saudis violate ceasefire and bomb two towns in Yemen

3-One ton of narcotics was seized during armed clashed with drug traffickers





Kar va Kargar:

1-Commander of Iranian Ground Forces: Iranian Army has no military presence at unit level in Syria

2-Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani with Estonian Foreign Minister: Negative publicity by foreign media about Iran is politically motivated  exaggeration




1-Iran gives oil warning to Saudis




1- Tehran Municipality supports artists through its Spring Scheme

2-Hello Mumbai Director: I considered all Bollywood  elements in my movie



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