Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A deal will be inked if P5+1 acts in good faith, makes political decision

An Iranian nuclear negotiator has said that nothing goes wrong if Tehran and P5+1 clinch a nuclear deal past the deadline.

A member of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team says that the country is expected to clinch an honorable agreement with P5+1.

Majid Takht-e Ravanchi, who is also deputy foreign minister for Euro-American affairs, made the comment on Friday and added that Iran builds on popular support to settle its nuclear dispute [with the West] honorably, and trades its honor with nothing. The following is the translation of his remarks as reported by Mizan Online News Agency on July 10:

The Iranian negotiator said the other side has changed horses in midstream and has gone far beyond [what has been envisioned in] the Lausanne agreement. Thursday was not an unusual day. The Americans had to meet a deadline which was not important to Iran. Tehran had already said that it preferred to reach an agreement before the deadline, but that it saw nothing wrong in striking the agreement past the deadline.

Talks come with many ups and downs, he said, adding, “Sometimes during the talks we realize that the other side has changed its demands asking for more, but we stand up to its acquisitive demands”.

He went on to say that we hope the other side displays goodwill and makes a political decision, so that we can arrive at an agreement.

The deputy foreign minister said that there are some unwritten agreements in the talks which are mutual, adding that some changes are made to those agreements during the talks and some interpretations are made which change the course of the negotiations.

Nothing odd has come up and the talks are continuing, he said, adding we hope we can produce a deal as we stick to our principles.

Takht-e Ravanchi said that the talks have come to an end when it comes to some documents and appendixes, but there are still a few outstanding issues [which need to be settled before clinching a deal].

As for the extension of nuclear talks, he said that as far as Iran is concerned, there is no deadline. “We will continue the talks until we reach the intended result”.

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