Sunday, September 25, 2022

Over 200 MPs Hail Gen. Soleimani’s Role in ISIS Defeat

Iranian lawmakers have sent a letter to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to congratulate him on the total eradication of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and to praise General Soleimani for his leading role.

In their letter, over 200 members of Iranian parliament commended the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ Quds Force Major General Qassem Soleimani for his leading role in the eradication of ISIS in the neighbouring Iraq and Syria.

According to a Farsi report by the Fars News Agency, the MPs congratulated the Leader, the Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, and Lebanese nations, all supporters of the resistance front and Muslims across the world on the ultimate defeat of the Takfiri terrorists.

“We congratulate you on the complete defeat of ISIS and express gratitude to IRGC’s top commander for his relentless endeavour in fight against terrorism,” the letter added.

The lawmakers stressed that had it not be for the courageous and heroic efforts of Major General Soleimani, “we had to fight against ISIS inside our borders.”

The MPs described the collapse of ISIS terrorist group as the victory of the resistance front against hegemonic powers.

“It goes without saying this was not just a victory against criminal, bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists but the victory of the front of truth-seeking and resistance against the world hegemony and its international and regional puppets.”

Back on Tuesday, in a message to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Major General Soleimani declared that the notorious group’s rule has come to an end with the accomplishment of a mission to liberate Syria’s eastern city of Bukamal, near the Iraqi border.

“The arrogant and hegemonic powers as well as exploiters who seek their illegal interests in creating instability and clashes in the world, particularly in the Islamic world and the Middle East region, have already begun their proxy wars through their deviant forces following their failure in civilization clashes and their destructive wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Yemen,” the letter added.

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