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Salehi Amiri

$11.3bn Foreign Investment Made in Iran after JCPOA

An Iranian Minister says Iran has attracted $11.3 billion of international investment after the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

Prerequisites of Attracting Foreign Investment to Iran’s Mining Industry

An Iranian official says besides international conferences, Iran’s mining sector needs to work on its imperfect infrastructure and data systems to attract international investors.
Mohammad Javad Zarif in Japan

Zarif Assures Japanese Businesses of Safe Investment in Iran

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif provided Japanese business people and merchants with reasons why Iran is a perfectly safe place for investment.

Foreigners Queuing Up to Have Trade Ties with Iran: FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif highlighted the efforts the Foreign Ministry has made during his term to boost the country’s economy, saying foreigners are now queuing up to have trade ties with Iran.
Chinese officials, during a recent visit to Iran Fisheries Organization, have voiced readiness to invest $3 billion in Iran’s fishery industry.

China to Invest $3bn in Iran’s Fish Farming

More signs have appeared to show that East Asian countries are interested in Iran’s fish farming business. China has joined South Korea to announce that it is planning to invest $3 billion in Iran’s fisheries.
Kim Seung-ho-South Korea’s Ambassador

South Korean Envoy Calls for Removal of Obstacles to Trade Ties with Iran

South Korea’s Ambassador to Tehran has expressed regret over the US attempts to stonewall monetary and banking transactions after the JCPOA went into effect on January 16.
Iran fishery industry

French Fishery Companies in Iran for Investment: Envoy

France’s Ambassador to Tehran François Sénémaud said 16 companies from his country have come to Iran to consider opportunities for investment in Iranian fishery industry.

Chabahar Port: Indian Firms to Invest $235m

The Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization said that the capacity of Chabahar port will increase from 2 million tons to 8 million tons after an investment of $235m from Indian firms.

Global Companies Looking to Invest in Iran’s Petchem Projects: PCCI

A senior official with Iran’s Petrochemical Commercial Company International (PCCI) said it has started talks with international enterprises over investments in the country’s petrochemical sector.

Turkey to Build at Least 10 Hotels in Iran

Turkish investors will be allowed to build at least 10 hotels in Iran, a Turkish tourism ministry official said on Friday, as the two countries look to increase bilateral trade after international sanctions on Iran were lifted in January.

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