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Change in tactic or strategy?

It is wishful thinking to assume that diplomacy can achieve what used to be achieved through war machine; real change is needed.
Ghasem Soleimani

Confronting Daesh is akin to serving national interests: General Soleimani

The commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force has said that taking on ISIL is equal to securing national interests.

Iran says US planned blocking of new planes “illegal”

“Iran will never wait for the permission of any country for exercising its legitimate rights,” said an Iranian aviation official.
Hashemi Rafsanjani-Majmae

Iran needs to keep its powder dry when it comes to regional events

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani blamed the huge material loss the Yemenis suffer on the indifference of the international community to the Saudi-led airstrikes against the Arab country.

Obama’s anti-Iran remarks meant to foment tension in Mideast: Afkham

Afkham said Obama’s remarks are part of an Iranophobic plot aimed at fomenting regional crises and fueling division and hatred.

US, UK, Canada to blame for failure of NPT Review Conference: Iran official

The three countries are willing to shoulder the high cost of their opposition to the document only to safeguard the interests of Israel, said Baeidinejad.
Iranian Red Crescent Society

Iran to dispatch 2nd aid ship to Yemen

Iran is going to send a second large consignment of humanitarian supplies for the people of Yemen on board a cargo ship.

Iran condemns terror attack on Saudi worshippers

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has condemned a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia which left dozens of worshippers killed and wounded, saying those behind the terrorist act should be brought to justice.
Iran ship to yemen

Iran ship with humanitarian aid for Yemen docks in Djibouti

Iran’s ship, carrying 2,500 tons of basic supplies for the war-hit Yemenis as well as international journalists, doctors, and anti-war activists, has arrived in Djibouti.

Amos meets with Zarif over Saudi war on Yemen

Iran says its ship carrying aid for the war-ravaged Yemenis has been dispatched under "full coordination with the UN" and would head for nearby Djibouti.

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