Sunday, December 4, 2022

Israel’s Medical Tourism Flourishing Thanks to Persian Gulf Arabs

Media reports show that prominent Persian Gulf Arabs - princes and princesses and officials - are stealthily going to Israel for medical treatment, helping the occupying regime’s medical tourism flourish.

Despite a longstanding hostility between Arabs and the Israeli regime over Tel Aviv’s occupation of Palestinian territories, latest reports indicate that the Palestinian cause is gradually being cosigned to oblivion, at least among Persian Gulf Arab states.

According to the investigation journalist Asaf Jaipur, there is growing medical tourism from the Persian Gulf to Israel, as well as more moves to allow the Persian Gulf to open its markets to Israeli companies.

Members of the royal families and wealthy people are seeking medical treatment in Israel, flying to Cyprus and from there to Tel Aviv.

There are specialist in the Persian Gulf whose jobs are to coordinate travel to Israel and arrange their transfer to hospitals.

They are arranging transportation directly from Ben Gurion Airport to Israeli hospitals.

The princess of the royal family in Bahrain recently arrived in Cyprus, and from there to Ben Gurion Airport, where she was transferred to the Rambam hospital in Haifa. The 50 year old princess underwent surgery and then returned to Bahrain.

A large number of princes and princesses from the Persian Gulf arrive in Israel to receive treatment, helping the Israeli regime’s medical tourism thrive.

In addition, the investigation showed that Israeli companies are operating in the Persian Gulf markets freely through partnerships set up by the American companies.

He stressed that Israeli companies are an integral part of the global American companies operating in the Persian Gulf markets segment, noting that the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council authorities are turning a blind eye to the activities of these companies, although they recognized Israeli companies.

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