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Restored Golden Palm unveiled in Tehran park

There is hope that the unveiling of the artwork can prompt a huge leap in economic and cultural relations between the two nations, Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

Iran slams continuation of Saudi military aggression against Yemen

An Iranian deputy foreign minister has said that Yemen will have no military winner, adding that military aggression defies constructive diplomacy and peace.
Persian Gulf

Saudi Arabia and the UAE; disputed territories and geographical maps

A border dispute is simmering between Saudi Arabia and the UAE with Riyadh trying hard to keep it hidden so that its meddling in Yemen cannot be taken advantage of by its neighbor.

US antiwar ralliers support Senate Democrats defending JCPOA (PHOTOS)

Demonstrators have held a rally in Washington, D.C after Democratic senators blocked a Republican-backed measure to kill the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1.

Mr. Erdogan! You are to blame for the Syrian refugees

The Turkish president has claimed that Iran is to blame for a large influx of Syrian refugees who are fleeing their hometown. An Iranian daily has responded to Erdogan's baseless claims.
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

Islamic Movement Leader Describes Boko Haram as Failed Plot of Spy Agencies

Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky underlined that the Boko Haram terrorist group doesn’t exist and it is a failed plot hatched by Nigeria's spy agencies.
Marzieh Afkham

Violation of states’ sovereignty worsens Mideast crises: Iran

Afkham also condemned the deaths of civilians and security forces in the recent wave of terror attacks in Turkey.

Iran, Austria to triple volume of bilateral trade: Iran min.

The Iranian minister expressed hope that in view of the available grounds for cooperation between the two countries, the goal would be realized in the near future.

Rafsanjani: US should compensate past mistakes prior to thaw in ties

Rafsanjani told the Austrian president that Iran and P5+1 should prevent domestic and foreign hardliners from meddling in the deal and should remain committed to their pledges.

Bad news coming out of Syria for the US and its Arab allies

The editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm has said that Russia’s recent military movements in Syria usher in a new international phase in Syria, adding that what happens next in Syria is anybody’s guess.

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