Sunday, December 4, 2022

Iran’s Larijani Urges Arab Parliaments to Condemn Israeli Crimes

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has lashed out at the Zionist Regime’s aggressions and the recent martyrdom of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli forces.

The Iranian parliament speaker on Sunday called on Arab world thinkers and parliaments to pay attention to their Islamic and human responsibilities at this critical juncture and stop this absolute disgrace by the Arab regimes.

Larijani further called on the member states of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC and the Secretariat of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly to defend the oppressed Palestinian people, a Farsi report by ICANA said.

“The recent events in Palestine are very significant. Secret attempts by the United States and some Arab states such as Saudi Arabia are underway to put pressure on the Palestinians and make the region more turbulent. They want to confine the Palestinians in a corner of the West Bank, especially in the Gaza Strip, to put an end to the story,” stressed Larijani.

The top Iranian lawmaker also added that recently, Saudi officials took actions and made statements on regional issues, which are regrettable and would make it clearer the main culprits behind the current situation.

“After years of organizing Takfiri and terrorist currents and killing thousands of people with the help of the US, Saudis are now stating clearly that all these actions were directed and supported by the Americans. This is a warning to all countries in the region and the world because (it proves that) Saudis have committed brutal acts under the pretext of humanitarian and religious moves in recent years.”

“It seems that after Riyadh’s recognition of the Zionist regime, Saudis are keen to spoil their nation’s money (in the US) to become the flag bearer of this ominous project, but the braveries of Palestinian youths would never let their dreams come true,” concluded Larijani.

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