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Einodolleh Mansion0000

Einodolleh Mansion in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The mansion dates back to the Qajar era and was registered as a national historical site in 1998.

Italy returns large haul of Iran’s stolen artifacts

A large haul of Iran’s stolen artifacts had been recovered by the Italian art police and was handed over to a representative from the Iranian Embassy in Italy.
Fahraj Mosque00

Fahraj Mosque in central Iran (PHOTOS)

Photos of a 14-century-old mosque in Yazd Province.

Fathabad Garden in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

After Government of Prudence and Hope took office, the garden was restored.

Iran, Germany to cooperate in archeology

Iran and Germany have inked a cooperation document to conduct research in archeology, anthropology, geophysical research, dating technology for archeological items, and other related fields.

Chahar Fasl Public Bathroom in central Iran (PHOTOS)

The distinguishing feature of Chahar Fasl Public Bathroom is its separate sections for religious minorities.
Mellat Palace Museum00

Mellat Palace Museum (PHOTOS)

Images of Mellat Palace Museum, which was once a royal summer retreat for Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his wife.

Afif-Abad Garden in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

The garden once served as a quiet retreat for Safavid kings.
Susa 0

Susa gained berth on UNESCO World Heritage List (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of Susa, an ancient city the Elamite and Parthian empires in what is today Khuzestan Province.
Tis Mosque000

Millennium-old Tis Mosque in southeastern Iran (PHOTOS)

The interior of this mosque which was built 1,000 years ago is similar to Pakistani and Indian mosques.

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