Monday, March 4, 2024

With injection of credit, Persepolis will have a board of trustees: Vice-president

The Iranian government hopes infusion of more funds to Persepolis will help create a board of trustees for the historical site.

The government hopes an increase in the budget it allocates to Persepolis will see the historical site have its own board of trustees, the Iranian Student Correspondents Association (ISCA) quoted Vice-President for Planning and Strategic Supervision Mohammad Bagher Nobakht as saying during a tour of Persepolis on November 15. The following is the translation of a report the news agency filed on Nobakht’s comments:

Nobakht said in order to realize the pledges of the Government of Prudence and Hope to safeguard the country’s cultural heritage, allocation of more funds to Persepolis is a necessity. “It is a source of pride to see this world-class historic site. Protection of this cultural and historic site for generations to come is a policy of the government.”

Nobakht said the Persepolis trip was one of the most effective he had made in preparation for the drafting of next year’s spending package and the sixth development plan.

In conclusion, the vice-president for planning and strategic supervision said that an increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting Iran’s historical sites is an achievement of the 11th government which has come as a result of more interactions with the rest of the world.

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