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Christians in Isfahan celebrate the 350th anniversary of a famous church

A service is held in Isfahan to mark the 350th anniversary of a very old place of worship.

A function was held in the predominantly Christian Jolfa neighborhood in Isfahan, central Iran on Monday to mark the 350th anniversary of the city’s Vank Cathedral. A senior Lebanese Christian cleric was on hand for the ceremony that brought together hundreds of the faithful. The following photo gallery contains images the Islamic Republic News Agency has released of the event:




Esfehan emruz newspaper 10 - 21Isfahan-e Emrooz Daily Front page: “Isfahan is home to different monotheistic religions; the peaceful coexistence of the followers of these religions is the source of honor for this city and today we stand ready to revive “Safakhaneh” [an old congregation hall located in a predominantly Christian neighborhood of Isfahan where followers of divine faiths used to gather for debate]. We are honored to have lived with our Christian brothers for hundreds of years here in Isfahan,” said the provincial governor of Isfahan.

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