Saturday, April 13, 2024

Zarif Condemns US for ‘Hoarding’ COVID-19 Vaccines

Iran’s foreign minister has condemned the United States’ “medical terrorism” against Iranians at a time when the nation is struggling to deal with coronavirus pandemic.

In a tweet, Mohammad Javad Zarif said COVID-19 patients in Iran are suffering due to Washington’s sanctions on drugs and medical equipment.

He added Palestinians are also having a hard time dealing with the pandemic while the US has a vaccine surplus.

“Many have been left to fend for themselves, whether due to sanctions and Medical Terrorism against Iranians, or out of malice toward Palestinians,” wrote Zarif.

“US has a vaccine surplus,” Zarif said, using the hashtag “hoarding” in his tweet.

Zarif also called for an international inoculation program to tackle the pandemic.

“Global COVID-19 pandemic should’ve had a global vaccination response,” he said.

Many Iranian coronavirus patients are struggling to cope with the disease due to Washington’s sanctions on medical items and medicines.

Iran has, time and again, lambasted the US for its “medical terrorism,” dismissing the sanctions as cruel and inhuman.

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