Thursday, February 2, 2023

You’re Never Too Old for Reading Books!

An elderly Iranian woman has been honoured in the northeastern city of Neyshabour for her continuous and purposeful reading of books.

Fatemeh Peyvandi is an 80-year-old bookworm who was recently praised in a ceremony held in Shariati Public Library of Neyshabour, according to a Farsi report by Arya New Agency.

Head of Public Libraries of Neyshabour, Reza Moqaddam Pasha, said Peyvandi is one of the best members of public libraries in Neyshabour.

“Peyvandi studies continuously and purposefully, and thus can be a role model for other members of the library,” he added.

Moqaddam Pasha said in order to express gratitude to this active lady, with the collaboration of librarians, a ceremony was held to honour and celebrate this woman.

“If conducted persistently, studying will have a significant impact on the quality of life, especially when it begins during childhood,” he underlined.

The presence of people like Ms. Peyvandi, who at this age and with a high spirit study at public libraries, is encouraging the librarians and other members of the library, he added.

“It has a message that it’s never late for reading books.”

“We hope that the number of elderly members of the public libraries in Neyshabour, along with other members including children and youths, will increase very soon,” he concluded.

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