World Qods Day under Shadow of Holocaust in Gaza

Tomorrow is Friday. In fact, the Last Friday of the blessed month of fasting. It is the day on which Muslims throughout the world perform the Weekly Friday Prayer in very large numbers to bid farewell to Ramadhan.

They call this day “Jum’at-al-Weda” or the Farewell Friday. There are special supplications prescribed for this day. No doubt, in view of the importance of this day, the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA) had declared the Last Friday of Ramadhan as World Qods Day.
It was a farsighted move in order to mobilize the ummah to rally to the support of the oppressed people of Palestine for the eventual liberation of Islam’s former qibla, al-Aqsa Mosque in Bayt al-Moqaddas – at a time when Arab reactionary regimes had ganged up with the West to confer legitimacy on the illegal Zionist entity, following the Egyptian traitor Anwar Saadaat’s signing of the scandalous Camp David Accord in 1978.
The Founder of the Islamic Republic’s dynamic move in 1979 checkmated the conspirators’ plot to dampen the aspirations of world Muslims. At the same time, it busted the myth of the holocaust which the Zionists and their godfathers allege happened in Europe during World War 2.
To be fair and frank, no holocaust occurred last century in Europe, where the total population of the Jews on the entire continent (Russia included) was far below six million.
Actually holocaust was being planned on a gigantic scale in Palestine – a land to which European Jews have no connection since they are ethnic Khazars without any link to the Israelites of the past, the majority of whose descendants today are Muslims and some Christians.
For the information of our readers, Holocaust is a Greek word referring to horrible burning of humans with fire, as was done in the ancient times by the Israelites to the Christians for refusing to follow their beliefs. It also refers to what the illegal Zionist entity is doing in Gaza today by raining fire upon Palestinians and burning men, women, and children alive.
This year’s Qods Day Rallies are being held at a crucial juncture. Hamas, which rules Gaza, finds itself in an awkward position, both because of the unprovoked aggression of the illegal Zionist entity and its own strategic blunder in having sympathized with the Takfiri terrorists trying to destabilize Syria and Iraq.
Nonetheless, the Palestinians in Gaza are putting up brave resistance against heavy odds. This SPIRIT of resistance, spearheaded by Islamic Jihad and ordinary Gazan Muslims, should make Hamas review and rectify its mistakes by returning to the fold of the Islamic Resistance.
Hamas should take note that Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah, the leader of Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, has been magnanimous to reaffirm support in direct talks with its leaders.
On the other hand, the cowardly Takfiri terrorists have exposed their Zionist roots by saying they have no quarrel with the Israelis who are “People of the BOOK”, and their enmity is with all those who (in obedience to God’s commandment in the holy Qur’an) revere the blessed Ahl al-Bayt of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
The Ummah is in quest of a united Islamic stand, and as Islamic Iran has shown the way over the past three-and-a-half decades, only Islamic solidarity, and not sectarianism or narrow Arab nationalism will liberate Palestine.
As for the importance of the Last Friday of fasting Ramadhan, the venerable scholars of the past, such as Seyyed Ibn Tawous and Shaykh Sadouq have cited a report that Jaber ibn Abdullah al-Ansari said, “I visited the Messenger of Allah (SAWA) on the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan. When the Prophet saw me, he said:
“O Jaber, this is the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan. Bid it farewell and say: “O Allah, make this not my last opportunity of fasting in it, and should You make it such, grant me Your mercy and do not let me be deprived!”
The Prophet then added: “Indeed! Whoever recites this supplication on this day will partake of one of the two virtues: either he will reach the next Ramadhan, or attain God’s mercy and forgiveness.’ ”
So let us earnestly pray to God Almighty for the deliverance of the Ummah from the plots of the enemies of humanity, including the dastardly Takfiris who are terrorizing Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, AFGHANISTAN, and other lands.
We should never be disappointed or lose hearts. If 8 centuries ago, when Kurdish, Turkish, Arab and Iranian Muslims had closed ranks to liberate Bayt al-Moqaddas by ending the 88-year occupation of Palestine by the Crusaders state, we can make history repeat by again solidifying Muslim ranks from Africa to the Philippines to end the illegal existence of Israel.
This is the message of the World Qods Day, and this is what the Islamic Republic of Iran firmly believes for the sake of peace, and safeguarding of humanitarian values.

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