Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Will this fleet-footed predator be pulled back from the brink of extinction?

More efforts are needed to save Iranian cheetah from the imminent danger of extinction.

Sarzamin-e Man [My Land], a monthly magazine that covers cultural and geographical issues, published a cover story in its August issue focusing on endangered Iranian cheetahs, also known as Asiatic cheetahs. The following is a translation of part of the report:

The fastest-running animal of Iran is approaching the point of extinction, a warning which on no account should fall on deaf ears. Iranian cheetahs whose only natural habitat in the world is Iran are in grave danger of dying out and very few of them still exist.

Unsustainable development has left the once unbeatable titleholder of speed in the dust. In fact, the best of nature sound to be no match for humans. Human intelligence has gained an unfair advantage over naturally selected biological traits which have millions of years.

Having imposed a lot of suffering on nature, intelligent humans are now eyeing a way to save this precious animal from extinction. A way that might look simple at first glance, but will involve an uphill struggle in every step.

To surmount such obstacles, the cooperation of all organizations and most importantly the public is imperative. Since the image of Iranian cheetah appeared on the jerseys of Iran’s national football team, many have by now heard the name of Asian cheetah and most probably know that it’s on the brink of extinction. Yet, there are still many more who don’t know much about this animal and even mistake it for leopard.

Asia and Africa are home to Asian cheetah, a region from which they have disappeared fast. Today, Asian cheetah, Amur leopard and Iberian lynx are the rarest and most endangered species of felines. […]



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