Thursday, December 8, 2022

Vote on Iraqi Kurdistan Independence to Strengthen ISIS: Iran

An Iranian legislator says a possible conflict emanating from a planned referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan may strengthen ISIS terrorists.

Iranian lawmaker Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi says Tehran would like to see Iraq’s national interests and territorial integrity preserved, saying problems facing Iraq’s Kurdistan region cannot be settled militarily.

“Baghdad-Erbil talks are the only way to settle differences over the region,” said Rahimi Jahanabadi, who sits on the parliament’s Judicial and Legal Commission.

He said any war between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan region will further strengthen the ISIS terrorist group, saying Iran’s proposal that problems facing Kurdistan should be resolved through diplomacy and political dialogue is a rational suggestion.

He noted the maintenance of Iraq’s territorial integrity will be in the interest of Iraqi people as well as all other countries in the Middle East.

The MP said Iraqi Kurds do not seem to be willing to withdraw from a planned referendum on Kurdistan’s independence, saying political negotiations could cushion the repercussions of the planned vote.

“If things don’t go well and a conflict breaks out, that will benefit the Israeli regime the most, will strengthen ISIS elements and help them expand their sphere of influence,” the legislator underscored.

He also said the plebiscite on the independence of Kurdistan will pose no danger to Iran.

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