Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Visitors refresh memories of Iranian bravery in Iraq war at Khorramshahr museum

The Khorramshahr War Museum is the first and most visited museum of the Sacred Defense in Iran, which displays the poignant yet inspiring days of the eight-year imposed Iran-Iraq war.

The museum, with its three galleries and the works of art left from the conflict, including an illustrated historical book, is a reminiscent of the bravery of Iranian soldiers.

The museum, originally used as a location to monitor Iraqi forces, draws over one million visitors every year.

Khorramshahr in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan, was among the cities occupied by the Iraqi forces during the early days of war. Iranian forces liberated Khorramshahr on My 24, 1982 after 578 days of occupation.

Every year, Iranians commemorate the heroic deeds of the martyrs, wounded, and fighters of the war during the Sacred Defense Week, which starts on September 22, when former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein launched a prolonged incursion into Iran in 1980.

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