Sunday, September 25, 2022

Village of Hir; Iranian Capital of Cornelian Cherry

Hir, a village located in the most remote parts of Alamut in Qazvin province, north-western Iran, is described as the country’s capital of cornelian cherry.

The village can be reached after passing through narrow roads, valleys and steep paths. After walking through this road, the sound of Nineh Roud river, along with the mass of cornelian cherry trees, beats your fatigue.

Hir is the capital of Iranian cornelian cherries, which has many fans in Iran. Hir produces about 90% of Iran’s cornelian cherry and is considered to be the capital of this fruit. In the harvest season, many people from this village and the city of Alamut pass through the narrow roads to have a share in the distribution of this fruit.

Here are Mehr New Agency’s photos of this beautiful village:

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