Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Vienna Talks to End Up with Iran’s Victory: Rouhani

The Iranian president has given an assurance to the people and critics that the Vienna talks will result in Iran's victory.

President Hassan Rouhani noted the lifting of sanctions will improve people’s lives.

He also lashed out at those who claim to be concerned about people’s living situation, but at the same time express dissatisfaction with the Vienna talks aimed at getting US sanctions to be lifted
“We cannot say we care about people, and at the same time express grief when attempts are being made to remove sanctions,” said the president.

“Expressing concern about people’s lives and expressing grief about the lifting of sanctions are mutually exclusive,” he added.

“The removal of sanctions is good. If you really do care about people, then why are you sad over efforts to lift the sanctions?” the president asked rhetorically.

President Rouhani said all negotiations that Iran has held during the eight-year tenure of his administration have been fruitful.

He said the Vienna talks will end in final victory for Iran.

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