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US Will Lose If Fails to Negotiate with Iran: Spokesman

Iran’s government spokesman says Tehran’s goal is to get to a point where the US government lose more if it fails to negotiate with the Islamic Republic and lift its inhumane sanctions.

Ali Rabiei made the remarks during a press conference on Monday afternoon in Tehran.

He referred to the Iranian president’s recent visits to Malaysia and Japan, and said the significant trips highlighted the failure of the US’ bid to isolate the Islamic Republic.

He said these trips and the level of meetings and negotiations showed that active and constructive diplomacy of the country continues to remain strong and that the diplomatic and dialogue-driven processes for the development of the country and advancement of Iran will never stop.

“Rouhani’s visit to Malaysia and Japan showed that he does not recognise the sanctions as a fact in the Iranian lives and has used all domestic and foreign capabilities to remove the inhumane sanctions.”

Rabiei said the government has put the development and promotion of Iran and the national interests top on the agenda with a focus on both the capacity of domestic capital and the use of diplomatic power.

“The visits to Malaysia and Japan were also an important step towards a global consensus against the cruel and illegal US sanctions because in addition to Europeans, countries such as Japan, which are among US allies, are trying to break the US unilateral sanctions against Iran,” underlined the government spokesman.

President Hassan Rouhani’s visits to Japan and Malaysia indicated that pressures can be completely foiled through national and revolutionary diplomacy. This strategy has two factors, “national endurance and unity inside the country” and “promotion of regional peace and active diplomacy in regional and global relations,” he noted.

“As the Leader of the Islamic revolution prudently analysed, Iran’s siege will be broken when the domestic production be strengthened to such extent that the sanctions become ineffective,” reiterated Rabiei.

In reaction to a question by Al-Jazeera regarding the plans set forth during Rouhani’s visit to Japan and the French president’s initiative to mediate between Tehran and Washington, Rabiei said Emmanuel Macron’s plans in this regard have failed.

“Due to our long-standing cultural relationship with Japan and the fact that no other state in the world can tolerate the situation that the US has created for the countries of the region, some plans were proposed by Japan, and we presented our own ideas,” underlined Rabiei.

He did not elaborate on the details of these plans, but noted that some of these plans have certainly been rejected, and if there is a new idea, they will be re-examined. However, exchange of plans will be continued.

“The French initiative failed because of the inflexibility of the Americans and our initial position that sanctions should be lifted first,” Rabiei stressed.

Nevertheless, we re-examine every plan that guarantees our national interests and is within the framework of the Islamic Republic’s establishment, he concluded.

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