Tuesday, May 21, 2024

‘US Stopped Short of Striking Iran Fearing Serious Repercussion’

A senior Iranian military commander says the US stopped short of implementing its decision to attack Iran as the US president was briefed on what consequences such a raid would have.

Major General Mohammad Baqeri said on Wednesday Donald Trump was the on the verge of implementing his decision following Iran’s downing of a US spy drone in the Iranian airspace last month.

“The day the drone was shot down, the US president just stopped short of implementing the decision, and this decision was the result of the US military’s intelligence and the briefing given to the US president,” said General Baqeri, the chairman of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

However, said the top commander, Trump told a lie when he said the US had decided not to attack in order to save the lives of people.

“Rather, [the US sopped short of attacking Iran because] Trump was briefed on what would happen in Iran’s missile sector, in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, and in regional countries where Iran has arms,” he said.

“In two sessions, each 2-3 hours long, Trump was briefed and told that he would not be able to attack Iran,” said the top commander.

He underlined Iran is facing numerous military threats, but it is not attacked because of its deterrence power.

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