US Must Explain Why Its Own Elections Ignore Majority Vote: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has rejected irrelevant remarks made by some US officials about elections in Iran, saying the US officials had better clear ambiguities about the mechanism of their own elections.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Mousavi said the Islamic Republic attaches significance to the issue of elections at a high level compared to other countries, especially those of the region.

He noted that the Iranian people have become accustomed to the contradictory remarks by some notorious US authorities.

Instead of questioning the elections in Iran, Mousavi said, the US officials should answer the questions of a wide range of people and elites in the United States and the world over the ambiguous and complex mechanisms of presidential elections in their own country in which the majority vote is ignored.

The US regime must also provide explanations for their extensive ties with countries that are alien to even the simplest forms of elections.”

The United States on Friday called into question the credibility of Iran’s parliamentary elections. The US representative for Iran had called the Iranian parliamentary elections set to be held on February 21 “pure theatre”, urging Tehran to give Iranian people “a real choice.”

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  1. It is good a mirror is put in place for the United States to view their own electoral process which prevents direct democracy. Their Founding Fathers set up the republic constitution in this way in order to preserve the moneyed and propertied interests of the ruling elite from majority rule. From this viewpoint one can see why America has so much problems with socialism.


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