Sunday, January 29, 2023

US Lies that Iran’s Medical Sector Not Sanctioned: Expert

An Iranian analyst has warned about the consequences of US economic terrorism, saying sanctions are a criminal policy that has grave effects on human life, health, and security.

Foreign policy and international law expert Reza Nasri says in line with the anti-Iran boycott, the US government has also set up a public relations apparatus and – with the help of some “Persian-speaking” people- has organised a system to justify its actions.

In an interview with Khabar Online, Nasri said “United Against Nuclear Iran” is one of the most influential pressure groups in the United States which is close to the Trump administration’s hardliners. The group has been providing and defaming lists of foreign companies working with Iran for many years to discourage them in various ways to work with Iran.

The group is made up of former US, European military, and security officials, who often intimidate and threaten the company’s executives and decision-makers in order to avoid working with Iran by sending delegates and representatives to these companies.

“Naturally, when the director of a European company sees a delegation consisting of several former CIA chiefs, a former chief of German intelligence (BND), several US national security advisers, a former British military / security official, a Canadian attorney general with several lawyers has come to threaten him, he never takes risks and probably prefers to reconsider cooperation with Iran!”

Now, the group, which has always worked as the “unofficial” arm of the US government against Iran, is targeting licensed pharmaceutical companies to make Iran vulnerable in these difficult times.

That is to say, on the one hand, the US government is publicly announcing the elimination of barriers to the supply of medicine and medical equipment to Iran, and on the other hand, it is blocking Iran’s access without accepting responsibility.

In fact, the US government and the boycott propagandists have a “well-prepared” package of justifications. When they are publicly criticised, they publish these justifications widely on social media.

“For example, if you show in numbers that sanctions are harming the health of ordinary people, they will immediately launch a campaign to satisfy public opinion by displaying several State Department documents claiming that medicines are not sanctioned. They try to say that it is because of the Iranian government’s mismanagement. If you prove that the financial pressure and freezing Iran’s assets has caused put the government in trouble in controlling coronavirus, they immediately run a campaign to induce that Iran’s money is spend for missiles, Syria and Iraq.”

But the interesting thing is that when boycotters and propagandists face the hardliner English-speaking media or their lobbyists and sponsors their rhetoric is completely different!

At these times, they suddenly say they have decreased Iran’s economic growth from positive to negative. They even report that several factories and industries have gone bankrupt. They also recklessly refer to the sanctions as “crippling!”

Brian Hook – who tries to show himself a supporter of the Iranian people- is proud to report that the US has inflicted some $50 billion worth of financial damages to the Iranian government in one year. On the other hand, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – who tries to pretend a supporter of Iranian people on Twitter – says “If Iran wants its people to eat, it must fulfil our conditions”!

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