US weighing direct attack on Houthis: Report

US-based Semafor website has reported Washington is deliberating directly attacking the armed Houthis in Yemen in response to increased raids on commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea.

Joe Biden administration officials told the news site they are weighing the strategic value of targeting the Houthis against potentially fueling a wider Middle East conflict.

Washington has regularly conducted attacks on what it described as Iran-aligned groups in Iraq and Syria in response to attacks on bases housing US personnel.

US navy ships deployed to the region have also repeatedly shot done drones and missiles launched from Yemen. Officials have repeatedly stated they will not hesitate action against threats to US personnel.

The report came as several major international shipping companies have suspended passage of their cargoes through a key Red Sea strait following attacks by Yemeni armed forces on vessels bound for the occupied Palestinian territories.

Yemen’s Armed Forces have warned that they will target all the vessels that would use the country’s territorial waters in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea to reach Israeli ports.

Yemeni Army announced it will continue its operations as long as the Israeli regime keeps up its all-out onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip, which started on October 7.

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