Friday, January 27, 2023

Two Marine Mammals Wash Up Dead on Iranian Coast

Two porpoises have been found dead in Konarak city in southeastern Iran, according to a provincial official.

Director General of the provincial office of Iran’s Department of Environment, Nayereh Pour-Mollaei, said carcasses of two flat-beak porpoises were found on the banks of Konarak city.

“Looking at the distance at which they washed up, and also considering that one of them was decomposed more than the other, one can say the two creatures died in different times,” she said, according to a Farsi report by YJC.

“The cause of the two mammals’ deaths is not clear, but their appearance implies a factor other than fishing activities. Therefore, their carcasses were transferred to the Marine Life Research Centre of Kanarak for further studies and biometrics,” she added.

Two Marine Mammals Wash Up Dead on Iranian Coast

Flat-beak porpoises have no dorsal fins and any salient beaks. Their body is round and soft with a length of about 230 centimetres.

These sea creatures are found in coastal waters of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf as well as in the waters of Japan individually or in groups.

Porpoises feed largely on fish, shrimp and squid, and some of them even feed on marine vegetation.

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