Monday, March 4, 2024

Report: Two IRGC members killed in Syria 

An Israel attack in Syria has killed two members of the Islamic  Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in Syria.

Iranian media has identified the two as Panah Taghizadeh and Mohammad Ali Ataei. The exact circumstances of their killing are unknown. Attacks on Iranian military advisors in Syria who are members of the IRGC are mainly carried out by the Zionist regime.

The IRGC military advisors played a key role in defeating the foreign-backed Salafi militants with whom the axix of resistance combatants fought in most of Syria.

The Israeli regime has conducted hundreds of attacks over the past years inside Syria which have killed many Syrian forces and a number of Iranian military advisors, known in Iran as “Defenders of the Shrine”, in a reference to the burial site of Hazrat Zeynab, sister of the third Shia Imam, Hussein ibn Ali (PBUH), near Damascus.

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