Saturday, December 3, 2022

Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan Keen to Import Iranian Vaccines

Several countries have voiced their willingness to purchase Iranian-made vaccines, says former head of Iran Pasteur Institute, Mostafa Qanei.

Speaking in a ceremony in Tehran, Qanei said during early years of his tenure, Iran used to import vaccines from other countries but today the country has made huge progress in vaccine production so much so that other countries like Turkey, Mexico and Pakistan have asked for Iranian vaccines.

“As Mexico has confirmed, Iranian-made BCG vaccine are among top vaccines of this type,” he noted, according to a Farsi report by the Isfahan Metropolis News Agency (IMNA).

He went on saying that the quality of Iranian-made vaccines of livestock type is also promoting day by day.

Qanei expressed the hope that Iran would return to its golden years of vaccine production in the world.

“Today, Iran’s Pasteur Institute has managed to attract the attentions of other countries’ Pasteur institutes for its working models,” he added.

He said in the coming months, representatives of over 15 countries will gather together in Iran to discuss Iran’s plan to fight age syndrome, also known as Sudden Onset Aggression (SOA).

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