Saturday, April 13, 2024

Trump’s Moves in Region Discrediting US: Iran

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the United States is on shaky ground in the region, and takes actions which further discredit itself.

Speaking in a Monday press conference, Saeed Khatibzadeh said Iran condemns Washington’s backing for the Saudi war on Yemen.

“The US has supported an unfair war in Yemen for years, an embarrassing war against defenceless people,” he said.

“They have put 20 million Yemenis under complete blockade. The people of Yemen will never forget that they were under a complete blockade where they were unable to receive medicine, foods, bread and water,” said the spokesman.

“Epidemic diseases have gripped the whole of Yemen. These things would not have happened if the US hadn’t given Saudi Arabia and its allies carte blanche to do so,” he said.

“After years of bombarding Yemen, they have now got to a point where they are hiding their inability behind these actions which are doomed to fail,” Khatibzadeh noted.

He said US actions in the region like its support for the Yemen war and the blacklisting of officials who are against Washington will further erode the United States’ credibility.

“During its final days in power, this bankrupt government of the United States is not unlikely to deal another blow to the US credibility and make the legacy it has left behind in the region all the more poisonous,” he said.

“The US is very concerned about the Iraqi parliament’s legislation which demands the expulsion of American troops from Iraq,” he added.

“Neither the US nor any other unruly country in this region can make a move unless they respect realities in this region. The day is close at hand when they will sit down for talks with domestic groups in different countries, including Yemen.”

“The measures they adopt are worthless, and the Trump regime is going through its final days in office,” he explained.

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