Friday, October 7, 2022

“Trump’s Decision on JCPOA Not to Affect Iranians’ Lives”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says whatever decision his US counterpart Donald Trump would take on the Iran nuclear deal next week will have no impact on the lives of Iranian people thanks to the pre-emptive measures taken by the government.

In an address to a huge crowd of people in the northeastern city of Sabzevar on Sunday, Rouhani said the great nation of Iran should know that our lives will not undergo any changes regardless of whatever decision Trump makes next week.

“We are ready to counter any decision by Trump,” he noted, as quoted in a report by the president’s official website.

Rouhani said Iranian bodies, including the country’s Atomic Energy Organisation, have prepared their options since months ago.

He further strongly blasted the propaganda campaigns launched by the US and the Zionist regime against the great nation of Iran.

“The US and the Zionist regime should come to the sense that the great nation of Iran is not afraid of any plots and will remain united and continue its own way under the brave leadership of the Islamic Revolution’s Leader,” he said.

President Rouhani also directly addressed the US and its European allies to elaborate two points for them.

“The first point is that, our nation remains faithful to its treaty (the nuclear deal), but explicitly states that our defence and weaponry capabilities are not negotiable.”

“We will produce and store as many weapons as we need for our self-defence and it is not any other country’s business how many weapons we produce and what decision we make for our self-defence. We never negotiate our defence capabilities.”

On the second point, he underlined that the Islamic Republic wants to hold talks with the world to create a safe region.

“Right now, we are involved in talks with Russia and Turkey over Syria. We are holding talks with various countries on Yemen. But we tell the world that we fight the terrorists wherever in the region and will not allow any country to create ISIS in the region and wage war against other regional nations. We are after peace and security in the region.”

The Iranian president also said the Iranian nation is not looking for war or tensions but resolutely defends its national interests against any plot.

US President Donald Trump has set a May 12 deadline for European signatories to the deal to “fix” it. He has threatened to withdraw if the changes he seeks are not made.

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