Tour of Tehran Rewarded to Book Donors


People who donate books to a library near Tehran will receive a free ticket for a tour of the Iranian capital.

Rajabali Khosroabadi, the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Tehran, announced that the tickets of Tehran tours will be rewarded to citizens who donate books to the library of “Deh-e Kheir” [literally the Village of Good], a village near Rey County, Tehran.

“The plan of ‘Tehran tours for book donation’ is to be continued with excursions to monuments of Tehran and its counties,” he added, mentioning that such a sustainable program will contribute to conservation of historic monuments and hills of Tehran province in the long-term.

In the day of excursion, the participants should take the books with them to donate to the village’s library after visiting the monuments of Rey, he noted, according to a Farsi report by ILNA.

“Book donation is a good way to attract people to social activities. By promoting reading culture, we will stabilize the culture of tourism and protection of cultural heritage within the society.”

He went on to say that today cultural progress is the main criterion for designation of developed cities. Economic, political and social progress will follow cultural development.

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