Iran’s northern province of Gilan hosts a historical hotel, known as the “Titi Caravanserai”, which had been constructed upon the order of a female member of the royal family some 600 years ago.

The old Titi caravanserai in Gilan dates back to the era of Safavid dynasty, one of the most significant dynasties who ruled Iran until 1736.

The Titi caravanserai, meaning ‘blossom’ in the Gilaki language, is located some eight kilometers from the city of Siahkal.

The building, used as a hotel by the caravans in the past, was of strategic significance when it was built, considering the very small number of caravanserais in northern Iran at that time.

The historical building takes its name from Titi Khanoom (Lady Titi), the aunt of one of the Safavid kings, who ordered the construction of the caravanserai. It was used to accommodate the people travelling between Siahkal, Deylaman and Taleqan.

The caravanserai was built of stone obtained from the rivers, brick, lime and mortar.

The old building was in service even until decades ago in the contemporary century, when the current roads had not been constructed.

The Titi caravanserai was frequented by travellers when people used animals as means of transportation before the invention of motor vehicles.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of the 600-year-old building:

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