Sunday, May 19, 2024

Thieves steal Iranian football manager’s safe 

Thieves stole iranian football coach Farhad Majidi’s safe from his house in a northern neighborhood of Tehran. 

Reports say Farhad Majidi, who lives in a two-story villa with his mother, left home in the first floor Saturday night and went upstairs to visit his mother. When he returned a few minutes later, he suddenly noticed his safe was missing.

The manager of Esteqlal FC kept his personal belongings and securities in the safe. It’s yet unclear how the thieves broke into his house.

There is no word of the exact losses Majidi suffered. Word is that similar thefts have occurred in Tehran’s Niavaran and Kashanak districts recently. Police are currently investigating the matter and following up on the incident.

Esteghlal’s manager has been told that he was lucky that he did not face the thieves, otherwise, something bad could have happened to him.

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