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Terrorism, Interventionism Fan Flames of Conflict in Region: Rouhani

Iran's President says terrorism, discord, and interference of some countries in the internal affairs of others have fuelled the flames in the Middle East.

Quenching the fire in the Middle East requires further coherence and cooperation in the region, President Hassan Rouhani said in a meeting with Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawi in Tehran.

The Iranian President added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has responded positively to the governments that have called for help to combat terrorism.

“When the Iraqi people needed assistance in their fight against terrorism, Iran helped them until they liberated the city of Mosul. The Islamic Republic will continue providing help for the Iraqi people and other oppressed people of the region to fight against terrorism,” Rouhani added.

He said terrorism is an infectious microbe in the region whose eradication requires the assistance and cooperation of all countries.

All capabilities and facilities of these countries must contribute to this goal, he underlined.

The Iranian President pointed to the wrong decisions by some governments as the root cause of ongoing problems in the region, including those in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Qatar.

“The continuation of this process is not at all in the interest of the regional countries and the first victim of these policies will be the governments that make such decisions.”

Rouhani also stressed that negotiation and keeping peace are the only ways to resolve problems in Yemen and Bahrain.

“Use of threat, pressure and the siege in dealing with a neighbouring country, such as Qatar, is a false policy.  Everyone should do its best to end these tensions in the region,” the Iranian President added.

Referring to the fact that Iran, Oman and Kuwait have always had positive negotiations for regional issues, Rouhani stressed that Tehran welcomes any attempt to end conflicts in the region.


Terrorism, Interventionism Fan Flames of Conflict in Region: Rouhani
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani meeting Oman’s Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs on July 12 / Retrieved from

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani called the relations between Iran and Oman “brotherly and close”, and emphasized that the ties between Tehran and Muscat must be developed and consolidated in all fields.

“During the past years, Iran and Oman have had intimate and brotherly relations at bilateral and regional levels,” he added.

“We should use the opportunity of good relations between Tehran and Muscat in order to develop, strengthen and consolidate ties that are in the interest of the people of both countries.”

Rouhani also touched upon Iran and Oman’s economic agreements in various sectors such as energy, bilateral cooperation in ports, the North-South transit corridor, and the development of trade and economic relations between business and private sectors of the two countries.

He also urged the officials at the Iran-Oman Joint Commission to put more efforts into implementation of these agreements as soon as possible.

Rouhani highlighted the advanced facilities in southern Iranian ports, including the Chabahar port, as an opportunity for developing trade and economic relations with regional countries.

“Omani companies and private sectors from the Arab country can participate in various projects in Iran and invest in them.”

For his part, the Omani minister said relations between Iran and Oman are very close.

“Relations between the two countries are not only diplomatic. They are friendly and brotherly. The interest in developing ties with Iran is not only a diplomatic compliment, but also a belief in the entire Omani sovereignty,” bin Alawi added.

The Omani top diplomat hailed Iran’s progress, especially in the field of nuclear technology, and said the implementation of the JCPOA has led to the country’s authority in the region and the world.

“Iran has been able to convince the international community that it is an international power.”

Bin Alawi underlined the need for resolving regional disputes through diplomatic solutions and said the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the peaceful settlement of regional issues, including the resolution of the Syrian crisis and the fight against terrorism and ISIS, has been very important and influential.

The Omani official also emphasized the need for boosting of ties between Tehran and Muscat and said the development and consolidation of ties with Iran is one of Oman’s principle policies. He also called for the development of relations in various economic sectors, particularly in ports.

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