Tehran Rejects Saudi Claim of Busting Iran-Linked Terror Group

Iran Puts Several US officials on Sanctions List

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has rejected Saudi Arabia’s baseless allegation that it has captured a terrorist group which, Riyadh says, is linked to Iran.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Iranian spokesman described the Saudi claim as “a rehash of old accusations”.

“The recent accusations levelled by Saudi officials against the Islamic Republic of Iran are in line with the country’s invalid and repetitive positions over the past years,” he said.

“By abandoning political wisdom, and, this time, in the form of a threadbare show, Saudi rulers have fabricated a false case against Iran as a ploy to deflect public attention in order to cover up its own failed moves,” the spokesman noted.

“The Saudi rulers’ move to hurl hackneyed, cliché and worthless accusations [against Iran] is not a path that would help the Arab country achieve its goals,” he said.

“We recommend Saudi Arabia opt for the path of honesty and wisdom rather than playing out worthless and dictated scenarios,” he said.

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