The ninth edition of Tehran Sculpture Symposium is underway here in the Iranian capital, bringing together dozens of artists from across the world.

Fifteen sculptors are taking part in the main section of the event and 10 artists in the student section as well as 15 assistant sculptors.

Tehran international symposium is one of the major events held in the country in the domain of sculpture.

European Sculptors Praise Tehran Sculpture Symposium’s High Quality

It is one of the well-known international sculpture events both in Iran and abroad. Five Iranian male artists, eight foreign male sculptors as well as two female artists from Argentina and Belarus are taking part in the main section of the symposium. Six male along with four female sculptors are also attending the student sections. In the assistants’ section, eight women and seven men are busy with their works of art.

One of the authorities with the event says there are a large variety of artworks from different sculptors on display at the event.

A Slovenian artist attending the event described the symposium as very professional and high-level.

An Indian sculptor at the event said a positive feature of the symposium is the variety and differences between the artworks of Iranian sculptors.

Other artists taking part at the event also praised the symposium and described it as a good opportunity for sculptors.

The event which opened on November 2, 2019 will run until November 25.

What follows are photos of the international sculpture symposium retrieved from various sources:

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