Tehran Dismisses Report on Deployment of Russia’s S-400 to Iranian Base


A senior Iranian Member of Parliament categorically rejected an Israeli media report about Russia’s deployment of its advanced S-400 missile defence system to an airbase in Hamadan, saying that Nojeh base is not put at Russia’s disposal.

Israeli website DebkaFile claimed that Russian air freighters are ready to take off on Wednesday, August 17, carrying an array of advanced S-400 and S-300 air defence missiles bound for “the new Russian air base” just completed in Iran’s Hamadan.

In reaction, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, rejected the report, and stressed that Zionist [Israeli] websites raise false claims.

“Russia has had no deployment to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s territory,” he went on to say, as reported by Tasnim and translated by IFP.

He also referred to Russia’s use of Iranian airbase, and said that Russian planes’ presence in Hamadan’s Nojeh airbase is decided by the Supreme National Security Council and falls within the regional cooperation of Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq.

“The cooperation is in line with Iran’s strategy of fight against terrorism, and has no contradiction with Iran’s Constitution, because Hamadan’s airbase has neither turned to Russia’s base, nor has it hosted any fighter jet,” he said.

“The only thing happening there is that Russian jet fighters are allowed to receive fuel in this airbase based on bilateral and quadrilateral cooperation,” Boroujerdi said, adding that such cooperation is totally logical within this framework.

SOURCETasnim News Agency
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