Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tehran art exhibition features contemporary view of nature

Tehran’s Jaleh Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition dubbed, “Nature in the Contemporary Perspective” featuring a diverse collection of paintings.

A total of 40 paintings by 14 artists are being displayed at the exhibition which began on February 25 and will run through March 11.

“When in the contemporary world we become frustrated with the nature that is before our eyes, nature that no longer exists or has been destroyed, we can go back to the image of nature that has been formed in our minds and begin to create a new narrative. As a result, an image is created that can have an independent identity in the mind of each viewer and each form can find a new meaning. Combining fantasy and reality is one of the characteristics of the displayed works. In fact, this collection is the result of the artists’ encounter with their surroundings, and after recognizing, understanding and transforming this encounter in their subconscious mind, they created works in the imagination stage and tried to show this mental reconstruction, and accompany their audience in this evolutionary process,” a statement issued by the exhibition read.

The Nature in the Contemporary Perspective art show features the works of Shirin Azadi, Shadi Ejbari, Parinaz Haddadi, Salah Hassani, Elaheh Ramezani, Abbas Salamati, Amir Hossein Aali, Armaghan Aali, Moloud Akafzadeh, Mohadese Eivazkhani, Farzad Qazi Zahedi, Mahsa Kialha, Niloufar Kan’anian and Golshifteh Yektayian.

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