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Famous Iranian actor Payam Dehkordi opens a bakery

Payam Dehkordi, the Iranian actor and director who stopped working in radio, theater and cinema due to the situation in Iran over the past seven months, has opened a bakery in the northern city of Lahijan.

In October last year, following the tragic events that occurred in the country, Dehkordi announced that he would not appear in any new television, theater or cinema works in protest against the social and cultural situation and in support of people. Now this artist is working as a baker.

Video of Dehkordi at the bakery furnace goes viral

A video of the actor made the rounds around social media showing him baking bread in his bakery. The footage received widespread attention and large numbers of people posted comments in reaction.

In the video, he says when asked why he chose a baker job, “For the past five or six months, I have not been working in cinema, theater and television…and I decided to do what I love for a living and provide people with healthy bread”.

Dehkordi, who migrated to Lahijan several years ago due to the air pollution in Tehran, has now set up a bakery named after himself in the village of Kourehbar, a district of Lahijan, Gilan Province in northern Iran. There, he works with his wife Arefeh Lak.

Arefeh Lak
Arefeh Lak

Baking bread with perfect and healthy flour in Payam Dehkordi’s bakery

Reporter: “A new bakery has been launched here named Payam Dehkordi Bakery, and this gentleman is a famous actor and director.”

Reporter: “Hi, sir! How come you began to work as a baker?”

Payam Dehkordi: “Hello! To be honest, I have not worked for 5 or 6 months. For the time being, I thought about what to do for a living and this was what I liked. So I started working as a baker. I took a course, read a lot of books on that, and thought I should sell healthy bread to people. I chose the perfect flour with minimal yeast and lots of resting, no baking soda or sugar essence. This is what I did so people wouldn’t sour after eating this bread.”

Arefeh Lak, Dehkordi’s wife, is also an artist. She posted a video on Instagram with this caption: “Bread is our new job”.

Dehkordi’s record

Payam Dehkordi was born in 1977 in the city of Shahr-e-Kord. He earned a bachelor’s degree in dramatic literature from Arak’s Azad University and a master’s degree in theater from Tehran University.

In 1999, he started working seriously in theater, until in 2003 when he made his television debut in the series “The Crystal Garden” directed by Rambod Javan. A year later, Dehkordi made his cinematic debut in the movie “A Piece of Bread” directed by Kamal Tabrizi.

However, he became famous in 2007 after playing in two prime-time TV series, namely “Zero degree Latitute” directed by Hassan Fathi and “Shahriar” directed by Kamal Tabrizi.

Dehkordi has been highly active in theater and has even directed some plays. He also taught art of expression and acting and founded an acting school called “Hope of Payam Dehkordi Institute” in Lahijan. The actor has now called it quits.

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