Taliban say they are committed to Iran’s water right

Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan's Taliban Amir Khan Muttaqi emphasized that the rulers are committed to respecting Iran's water rights from the Helmand River.

Muttaqi made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador in Kabul Hassan Kazemi Qomi.

According to Afghan media, the two sides discussed political and economic issues and emphasized good-neighborliness and mutual benefits.

Kazemi Qomi discussed developing all-out ties and Iran’s water right. Efforts should be made in line with water management to prevent wasting water, he added.

The envoy noted that Iran has a comprehensive roadmap for working in Afghanistan and is seeking security, stability and welfare in the neighboring country.

Iran has a long-term look at Afghanistan and has different plans for joining the infrastructures of the two countries in different areas, Kazemi Qomi said.

He added that Afghanistan is a neighbor that can be a strategic ally in Iran’s foreign policy.

It is now one year and a half past the time when the American forces withdrew from Afghanistan and we are witnessing a new government in Kabul, Kazemi Qomi said, adding that Iran has been after interaction with the new government in Afghanistan during the new period in the country.

Noting that the US does not tolerate stability in Afghanistan and does not want the country to interact with its neighbors, he stated that the enemy tries to turn the geography of Afghanistan into a threat for Iran while Iran will pass through this phase by taking rational policies.

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