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Yemeni army says winged, ballistic missiles used to hit UAE targets

The Yemeni army’s spokesman says they used winged missiles and a ballistic projectile in their operation inside the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

Death toll from Saudi attack on Yemen rises to 23

The death toll from the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrike on Yemeni capital Sana’a has risen to 23, with some of the victims being women and children, the Al-Mayadeen TV reported on Tuesday.

UAE condemns Yemeni attacks on Abu Dhabi

The foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates has condemned missile and drone attacks by the Yemeni forces against the Persian Gulf sheikhdom.

Report: UAE under major ‘Yemeni retaliatory attack’

Yemeni forces say they have launched a major retaliatory drone and missile attack against the United Arab Emirates.

Yemen forces say they conducted attack ‘deep in UAE’

Yemeni forces say they have carried out an attack on the United Arab Emirates after authorities in the Persian Gulf state reported two fires in the capital Abu Dhabi possibly caused by drones.

UN warns millions of Yemenis face hunger

Millions of Yemenis are grappling with rising hunger amid shortage of food assistance, the United Nations warns. Saudi Arabia and its allies have waged a devastating war on the poor country with no end in sight to the conflict.

Iran urges UN to do more to end Yemen war

The Iranian foreign minister’s senior advisor for special political affairs has called on the UN and the international community to stop the war and lift the inhumane siege on Yemen.

Yemen: Detained UAE vessel was carrying weapons

Yemen's National Salvation Government has reiterated that an Emirati vessel its naval forces detained recently was carrying weapons.

Yemen says Iran peace plan can resolve crisis

Yemeni Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf Abdullah says Iranian peace initiative puts forward an effective solution to the ongoing conflict in the war-ravaged country. He added Saudi Arabia is looking for a pretext to prolong its devastating military aggression against Yemen.

UN says $4bn needed for help in Yemen

The United Nations will need about $3.9bn this year to help millions of people in war-torn Yemen, a top UN humanitarian official says.

Yemen berates ‘ridiculous and pathetic’ Saudi use of US film to accuse Iran

Yemen has lambasted the Saudi-led military coalition for using footage of an a documentary on the US invasion of Iraq to accuse the country’s armed forces of stockpiling ballistic missiles in the besieged Red Sea port city of Hudaydah.

Report: Saudi Arabia seeks to upgrade depleted air defense

Saudi Arabia has appealed to regional countries to replenish the depleted stock of intercepting missiles for its US-made Patriot air-defense system as Yemeni forces ramp up rocket and drone strikes on the kingdom, the Financial Times reported.

Saudi coalition seizes another Yemen-bound fuel vessel

The Saudi-led coalition has seized another ship carrying fuel for Yemen. The vessel was supposed to dock at Yemen's Red Sea port of Hudaydah.

‘Saudi coalition seized Yemen-bound oil tanker’

The Riyadh-led coalition has diverted a fuel vessel heading for the Yemeni port of Hodeidah to a Saudi port instead, al-Masirah TV reported on Wednesday.

Yemen says seized UAE vessel carrying military supplies

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces says the country’s naval troops have seized a UAE-flagged cargo vessel in Yemeni territorial waters. The spokesperson added it was carrying military supplies and was engaged in hostile acts.

Yemeni forces say freed 12,000 sq km of land in 2021

The spokesman for Yemen’s army says the country’s forces liberated 12,000 square kilometers of land in five provinces during the military operations against Saudi-led coalition and its allies in 2021.

UN envoy: Civilians killed in air raids on Sana’a

Saudi coalition air raids on Sana’a have resulted in loss of civilian lives, and damaged civilian infrastructure and residential area, the special envoy of the United Nations secretary general for Yemen has confirmed.

UN flights into Yemen capital resumes following air attacks

Yemen's Houthi forces have allowed the temporary resumption of UN flights into the capital Sanaa airport, a week after a halt due to Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

Source: Saudi claims over Hezbollah role in Yemen war lie

A senior Yemeni source has refuted Saudi claims that fighters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement are supporting the Yemeni forces in their fight against the Riyadh-led coalition.

Saudi coalition fighter jets strike Sana’a

Saudi-led coalition has launched a new round of airstrikes on residential neighborhoods across Yemen’s capital Sanaa.

Five killed as Saudi coalition and Yemen forces exchange fire

Two people were killed in Saudi Arabia in an attack blamed on Yemen's Huthis, while three have died in Yemen in a Riyadh-led coalition airstrike.

Saudi jets heavily bomb residential areas in Yemen

Saudi fighter jets have carried out a fresh wave of airstrikes on residential areas in conflict-plagued Yemen, severely damaging several buildings.

WFP cuts food aid to Yemen due to ‘lack of funds‘

The World Food Programme (WFP) has announced it has been “forced” to cut aid to Yemen due to funding shortfall. The WFP has warned there will be a surge in hunger in the war-torn country in the coming months.

Yemen aid flights suspended following airport bombing

The Saudi-led coalition has carried out air strikes on the international airport of the Yemeni capital Sanaa. An official has confirmed UN aid flights has been halted.

Israeli spyware targets UN investigator into Yemen war crimes

The mobile phone of the UN-backed investigator who was examining possible war crimes in Yemen was targeted with spyware made by Israel’s NSO Group in 2019, according to a report. He was reportedly selected as a potential surveillance target by Saudi Arabia.

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