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‘Saudi-led forces violated Yemen truce 103 times in 24 hours’

The Saudi-led military coalition waging war on Yemen has reportedly violated a UN-mediated ceasefire 103 times over the past day by dispatching spy aircraft into the country’s airspace and conducting deadly artillery attacks there.

Saudi Arabia seizes Yemen-bound fuel ship in violation of truce

The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) announced the Saudi-led coalition has banned a Yemen-bound ship carrying tons of fuel from docking at Hudaydah Port in violation of a UN-brokered ceasefire agreement.

Yemen Ansarullah leader: We won’t let US make decisions for us

The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement says Yemenis will not allow the US to make decisions for them.

‘Saudi-led coalition violated Yemen truce 117 times in 24 hours’

Yemeni media have reported 117 violations of the UN-brokered ceasefire in the country by the Saudi-led coalition over the past 24 hours, amid efforts to bring about an extension of the truce.

Yemen: Saudi-led coalition in dire need of extending UN-mediated ceasefire

A Yemeni official said the Saudi-led military coalition waging war on the country is in desperate need of an extension of the UN-mediated truce, saying the only way for the aggressors to secure such an extension is for them to meet the conditions set forth by the Sana’a government.

Yemen deputy defense chief says they possess sophisticated weapons

Yemen’s Deputy Defense Minister General Ali al-Kohlani says his country has some sophisticated weapons that he is not allowed to reveal. Kohlaniw was speaking with Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

Iran says ceasefire unique chance for resolving Yemen crisis

An aid to Iran’s foreign minister says the ongoing UN-brokered ceasefire in Yemen is a unique opportunity to politically resolve the Yemeni crisis.

Yemeni army says shot down another Saudi spy drone

The Yemeni army says its air defense has shot down a Saudi spy drone that was conducting a “hostile” mission over the northwestern province of Hajjah in breach of a UN-brokered ceasefire.

Yemen Supreme Political Council: No progress in implementing ceasefire

Chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat says the Saudi-led coalition is still blocking the entry of ships carrying fuel and food into the port of Al-Hudaydah, and no progress has been made in implementing the ceasefire brokered by the United Nations.

Yemen’s Ansarullah leader warns against normalization with Israel

Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement Leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi has warned regional Arab states, which are normalizing ties with Israel, that they will soon regret their decision to establish ties with the regime.

Yemen’s govt. says Saudi-led coalition not observing article of ceasefire

A Yemeni government official says the Saudi-led coalition of countries waging war on Yemen is not observing the most important article of a ceasefire agreement recently struck between the two sides.

Ansarullah: Saudis, allies not serious about peace in Yemen

A spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has said the Saudi-led coalition’s refusal to allow the reopening of the Sana’a Airport shows that Riyadh and its allies are not serious about establishment of peace in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia refuses to issue permit for Yemen flight

The first commercial flight from Yemen’s capital Sana’a in six years, which was supposed to take passengers needing medical care, has been indefinitely postponed. Saudi Arabia has refused to issue the necessary permit in violation of the terms of a two-month truce.

“Saudi-led coalition targets Yemeni army positions in violation of truce”

Military sources say the Saudi-led coalition has targeted positions of the Yemeni army and the popular committees in the province of Ma’rib with missiles and artillery shells.

UN agrees to reopening of Sana’a International Airport after 6 years: Yemeni govt.

Yemen’s National Salvation Government says the United Nations (UN) has agreed to the reopening of the Sana’a International Airport after a six-year hiatus.

Yemen’s Ansarullah: Saudi-led coalition violating UN-backed ceasefire

Spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarullah movement Mohammed Abdul-Salam says the Saudi-led coalition is violating the current ceasefire by preventing Sana’a airport from reopening and blocking the passage of tankers carrying fuel to the port of al-Ḥudaydah.

Yemen’s Ansarullah: Enemy shouldn’t misinterpret our desire for peace

A member of the Yemeni negotiating team says he hopes the enemy will not misinterpret Yemen’s interest in peace، following the establishment of truce in the war-hit country.

Iran has definitive evidence of Saudi crimes in Yemen: Quds Force cmdr.

A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran possesses “definitive evidence” of the crimes perpetrated by the Saudi regime during its aggression against Yemen, advising Riyadh to end the war that will have no benefit for the kingdom.

Yemeni ambassador: Any peace talks with Saudis must be held in Sana’a

Yemen’s Ambassador to Tehran says any talks to end the Yemen crisis must be held with the Yemenis in the country’s capital Sana’a.

Yemen Ansarullah leader: Saudis hit impasse, face defeat

Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement Abdolmalek al-Houthi says those waging war on his country have hit an “impasse” and are facing defeat.

Yemen FM calls on Saudi Arabia, UAE to take concrete steps towards peace

Foreign Minister of the Yemeni National Salvation Government, Hisham Sharaf, has called on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to take concrete steps towards peace in Yemen.

Yemen: Saudis, allies violated truce 1,647 times

The Yemeni Army says the Saudi-led coalition has violated a military ceasefire called in Yemen on humanitarian grounds 1,647 times so far.

Yemen’s Houthis: New ‘leadership council’ comprises Saudi mercenaries

A member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council in Sana’a says the so-called “leadership council” recently formed following the stepping down of self-proclaimed president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, is only comprised of mercenaries serving Saudi Arabia.

Yemen’s president-in-exile “cedes power” to deputy

has officially stepped down in exile, announcing the formation of a presidential council and transfer of his powers to the body.

Iran MPs condemn Saudi-led war on Yemen, call for end to aggression

Iranian lawmakers have issued a statement condemning Saudi Arabia’s continued aggression on Yemen and expressing support for Yemenis’ resistance against the Ryadh-led coalition.

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