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The latest articles and opinion pieces by political commentator and veteran journalist Hossein Shariatmadari. Born in 1948, Shariatmadari is the managing editor and representative of Iran’s leader in the Kayhan newspaper

Eye for an Eye: Why Iran Needs to Retaliate

A seasoned Iranian journalist has discussed why it is crucial for Iran to retaliate now that there is plentiful evidence suggesting Israel was involved in the assassination of eminent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

‘UK Gets Taste of Own Medicine as Iran Captures Oil Tanker’

An Iranian daily newspaper has described the capture of a British oil tanker at the Strait of Hormuz as legal tit-for-tat retaliation for the unlawful seizure of an Iranian supertanker by the UK in the international waters near Gibraltar.

Rouhani Urged to Learn from JCPOA, Not Be Deceived by INSTEX

Iranian conservative daily Kayhan has warned the administration of Hassan Rouhani against accepting the INSTEX, a special trade mechanism proposed by Europe, saying that Tehran must not be deceived by the “void” package once more.

‘Iran Asked to Help Saudis Leave Yemen without Losing Face’

A leading Iranian journalist says Saudi Arabia has asked Iran to pave the way for Riyadh’s honourable exit from Yemen which has been the target of Saudis air raids since 2015.

‘Enough Is Enough: Iran Won’t Give US More Concessions’

A senior conservative journalist says Tehran has not gained much from the US in return for the many concessions it has given Washington.

‘Maduro Should Recognise Yellow Vests as Legitimate French Gov’t’

Hossein Shariatmadari, a senior Iranian analyst and journalist, says it is time for the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro to officially recognise the yellow vest movement as the French government.

“EU Seeking to Deceive Iran into Accepting US Demands”

A prominent conservative journalist says Europe is seeking to trick Iran into accepting the US demands over Iran’s missile program and regional influence during current negotiations over the JCPOA.

Iran Must Escape from Nuclear Deal’s Handcuffs: Analyst

A prominent conservative journalist says Iran should not be deceived by Europe’s promises regarding the nuclear deal and must get out of the multilateral deal’s “handcuffs”, a term used by the UK to describe the JCPOA.

“No JCPOA Left; Which Deal Are You Talking About?”

Hossein Shariatmadari, a conservative Iranian journalist, says there is no JCPOA left to discuss whether or not to pull out of it.

Syria Must Fire Missiles at Riyadh, Abu Dhabi: Iranian Analyst

A senior Iranian journalist and commentator says the Syrian army must fire missiles at Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in retaliation for the airstrikes on Syria conducted by a US-led coalition supported by Saudis and Emiratis.