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Tehran, Yerevan Discuss Natural Gas-Electricity Barter Deal

Iran and Armenia have discussed exports of natural gas as well as the extension of a natural gas-electricity barter agreement.

Iran Inaugurates 25 Electricity Projects in Single Day

Iran’s energy minister has inaugurated more than two dozen electricity projects worth nearly IRR 60 trillion in several Iranian provinces in a single day.

Iran Calls for More Energy Cooperation with Afghanistan

Iran’s Energy Minister says all-out economic relations between Iran and Afghanistan must be developed, especially in the energy sector.

Iran, Iraq Agree on Two Electricity Contracts

Iran and Iraq have finalized two agreements on cooperation in the electricity industry during the Iraqi prime minister’s visit to Tehran.

Iran to Turn Jask Port into Oil Exports Hub: President

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to turn its Jask port in the south of the country into a major hub of oil exports.

Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Reconnected to National Grid

The Bushehr Nuclear Power Station in southern Iran has been reconnected to the national grid.

Iran Leading Regional State in Terms of Power Generation Capacity

Iranian Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian says the Islamic Republic is the leading country in the region in terms of installed power generation capacity.

Iran to Export Electricity to Iraq for Two More Years

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian says the country will continue to export electricity to Iraq for two more years in defiance of the US sanctions. 

250 Major Energy Projects to Be Launched across Iran by Year-End

Iranian Energy Minister says 250 key water and electricity projects worth about $12 billion will get under way this year.

Iran 95% Self-Sufficient in Electricity Equipment

Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the country’s Ministry of Energy has succeeded in producing 95% of the equipment required for the power industry inside the country.