Freedom of Information (FOI)

‘Freedom of Information Key to Fight against Corruption in Iran’

A senior cultural official says the implementation of a law on Freedom of Information (FOI) is the only way to fight against financial and administrative corruption in Iran.

Iran Releases English, Arabic Versions of Law on Free Access to Information

The English and Arabic renditions of the Islamic Republic’s Law on Dissemination of and Free Access to Information have been officially released as part of the government’s efforts to promote Freedom of Information (FOI).

Iran Protests at Blocking of IRIB’s Social Network Accounts

The world service of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has strongly denounced the blocking of its social network accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook, saying such moves are a sign of the impact of IRIB channels on the global media.

Six Iranian Ministers, Two MPs Call for Unlocking Twitter

Six Iranian ministers as well as two lawmakers, all of whom are members of the council in charge of filtering, have called for removing the 9-year ban on people’s access to Twitter.

‘Iran Resolved to Provide People with Free Access to Information’

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, Hossein Entezami, says the government is determined to implement the law of Freedom of Information (FOI) passed about 6 years ago.

‘Iran’s Law on FOI, Landmark in Promoting Civil Rights’

A top Iranian academic says the law on Freedom of Information is a turning point in promoting civil rights in the Islamic Republic.

Iran Launches Portal to Promote Freedom of Information (FOI)

In an effort to increase transparency and promote Freedom of Information (FOI) in the Islamic Republic, the Iranian government has officially launched a portal that provides people with free access to the information of state institutions.

Iran Starts Implementing Law on Freedom of Information (FOI)

An Iranian official says an online system has been launched to provide Iranian citizens with free access to the information of public and private organizations and institutes.

Rouhani’s Gov’t Reacts to Mirsalim’s Claim on Free Access to Information

An Iranian official has rejected the remarks by Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim, one of Iran’s six presidential hopefuls, who blamed President Hassan Rouhani’s administration for its alleged failure to fully approve and implement the law on free access to information.

The elections in Iran were carried out without filtering and with freedom of access to information

The elections in Iran were carried out without filtering and with freedom of access to information

‘Crackdown on Corruption Possible through Transparency’

The deputy culture minister says the new law on freedom of information is expected to revolutionize the way the state interacts with citizens.

Free access to information bylaw confirmed

Iran has adopted a bylaw which calls for the release of and free access to public information without inquiring about the intention of applicants.

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