Friday, August 19, 2022

Aviation Industry

Iran Says Ready to Export Aviation Systems to Other Countries

An Iranian Defence Ministry official says the domestic aviation industries have made such great progress in recent years that Iran is now able to fulfill the demands of other countries for various systems.

Iran Announces Results of Analysis of Downed Ukrainian Plane Black Box

Iran's aviation organization has announced the results of the examination of the flight recorder of the Ukrainian passenger plane that went down shortly after takeoff near the Iranian capital Tehran in early 2020.

Iran Ready for Talks to Pay Damages for Ukraine Plane Crash

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) says the country is prepared for negotiations to pay damages to victims of the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran.

Syria Opens Probe into US Interception of Iran Airliner

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) says Syria has launched an investigation into the US warplanes’ harassment of a Beirut-bound Iranian airliner in the Syrian airspace.

Harassment of Iranian Airliner Shows US Weakness: Tehran

A senior Iranian official says the harassment of an Iranian passenger plane by US warplanes in the Syrian airspace was an “unwise” move which shows Washington’s weakness and desperation.

Iran Calls US Warplanes’ Harassment of Its Civilian Plane ‘Air Terrorism’

The Iranian president has dismissed as “air terrorism” the US jet fighters’ harassment of an Iranian airliner in the Syrian airspace which endangered the lives of its passengers.

Iran Says Won’t Stand Aside Simply Watching US Provocations

The Iranian government spokesman says Tehran will not stand idly by and watch the United States’ “unjustifiable provocations.”

Iran to Make US Regret Harassing Its Airliner: Spokesman

Tehran has pledged that it will take necessary action to make Washington regret the recent harassment of an Iranian passenger plane by two US fighter jets.

Iran Says Won’t Retaliate in Kind for US’ Harassment of Passenger Plane

A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic has no intention of retaliating in kind for the harassment of an Iranian airliner by two US warplanes in Syrian airspace.

Iran Vows Appropriate Response to US Interception of Mahan Air Flight

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has strongly condemned the adventurist and dangerous move by US jet fighters against Mahan Air's Beirut-bound passenger plane, saying Tehran will not leave any hostile move unanswered.

US Outlaws Must Be Stopped Before Disaster: Iran’s Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on the international community to stop the US' lawlessness, the latest case of which was witnessed in the harassment of Iran's Beirut-bound civilian flight, before it causes a huge disaster.

US Harassment of Mahan Air Flight ‘Act of Terrorism’: Iran

Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami says the recent dangerous and aggressive maneuvering by two US warplanes close to an Iranian airliner over Syria was an “act of terror”.

US State Terrorism Continues in Air, on Ground, at Sea: Iran

Iranian Minister of Culture Seyyed Abbas Salehi has described the US jet fighters’ interception of an Iranian passenger plane over the Syrian airspace as the latest instance of Washington’s “state-sponsored terrorism”.

Iran Calls Harassment of Its Civilian Plane ‘Violation of Int’l Law’

Iranian Vice-President for Legal Affairs Laya Joneidi says the US jet fighters’ harassment of an Iranian passenger plane over the Syrian airspace was a violation of the international law, and can be legally pursued at international tribunals.

Iran Says Holds US Accountable Should Anything Happen to Its Airplane

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi says Tehran is investigating the details of the Thursday night's incident involving a Beirut-bound Mahan Air flight.

Iran Sends Ukrainian Jetliner’s Black Box to Paris

An Iranian deputy foreign minister says the flight recorder of a Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by mistake near Tehran in January has been taken to France for analysis.

Foreign Airlines Resuming Flights to Iran Proves Its Airspace Safe: Official

An official at Iran Civil Aviation Organization says the international airlines’ decision to resume and increase their Iran-bound flights in defiance of a recent warning from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) about flying above Iran is a clear sign of the Iranian airspace safety.

US ‘Deliberately’ Downed Iranian Airliner in 1988: Foreign Ministry

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the United States “deliberately” shot down the Airbus A300-B2 plane belonging to Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air in 1988, which killed all the 290 on board.

70% of Aircraft Parts Produced Inside Iran: Minister

Iran’s defence minister says more than 70% of helicopter and airplane parts are currently produced inside the country even though Iran is not among the countries that manufacture aircraft.

Iran Resumes Direct Flights to Manchester

Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air will resume its direct flights from Tehran to the UK city of Manchester as of Saturday.

Iran Sympathizes with Pakistan over Deadly Plane Crash

Iran has expressed deep regret over the crash of a passenger plane in Pakistan, which killed dozens of passengers.

Iranian Army Equipped with New Combat, Surveillance Drones

The Defence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made mass delivery of new combat and surveillance drones, including a jet-powered multipurpose UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Iran Air Says Resuming Flights to Europe

Iran’s main airline Homa, known internationally as IranAir, will resume flights to Europe after a four-day hiatus that came because of unspecified restrictions by European authorities.

Iran Air Says All Flights to Europe Suspended Until Further Notice

Iran’s flag-carrier airline Homa, also known as Iran Air, says all its flights to Europe has been suspended until further notice over restrictions imposed by European countries.

Iran Says Flights to/from UAE Will Resume Soon

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyyed Abbas Mousavi says the Iranian airlines have received permission for the resumption of flights to the United Arab Emirates.

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