Friday, February 3, 2023

Sweden’s Ultra-Runner Makes Movie about Her Running in Iran

Kristina Paltén, a Swedish runner, says three things inspired her to pick Iran for running: its beautiful nature, the long distance, and her ambition to change the image of Iran and other Islamic countries.

Asr-e Iran released a report on a Swedish runner who has decided to make a movie of her running in different parts of Iran in order to change the unfairly stereotypical image of Iran and the Muslim world shown internationally. The report was translated by IFP.

Kristina Paltén is a Swedish woman who, during a two-month stay in Iran, ran 1144 miles through the country to prove false the Islamophobia and Iranophobia stirred up by the West. To this end, she decided to make and distribute a movie about her stay and running in different parts of Iran.

Kristina Paltén - Iran

Kristina Paltén’s name was in the headlines throughout the world as she overcame her fears and negative prejudices about Islamic countries and started running across Iran on August 21, 2015.

“I’m working on a movie about my stay in Iran,” Gear Junkie magazine quoted the 45-year-old runner as saying.

During and after her stay in Iran, Kristina gave plenty of interviews, in which she made positive remarks about Iranian hospitality and culture.

“I had a great time in Iran and proved to myself that a woman can travel through an Islamic country all by herself, alone,” she said.

The Swedish runner, who set the record of the greatest distance covered on a treadmill in 48 hours in 2014, entered Iran from the Turkish border, and after running the Western border areas, headed towards the north-eastern borders of Iran.

Paltén, who is a married woman working in a private company in Sweden, said that she had paid all the expenses of her travel to Iran out of her own pocket.

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