Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sunni Iranians Show Strong Support for Islamic Republic: Top Cleric

A top Iranian cleric says the country’s Sunni community is part of the Iranian nation and spares no effort to defend the country’s territorial integrity as well as dignity and stature.

Prominent Sunni cleric Molavi Abdul-Hamid says Sunni Muslims in Iran displayed their unflinching support for the Islamic Republic by turning out en masse in the 12th presidential election.

Abdul-Hamid, who is the Friday prayer leader for the Sunni community in the southeastern city of Zahedan, made the comment in a ceremony held in Tehran to honour President-elect Hassan Rouhani’s campaign managers.

In the ceremony, which was also attended by the president, the senior Sunni cleric congratulated Rouhani on his re-election as president.

“First, we should thank God who helped us emerge victorious in a major test and [arena to make a] choice; today, we have a feeling of dignity and pride against the world,” said the cleric.

He then thanked the Iranian nation for turning out on the election day “with unity and solidarity” and making the right choice to pick a “brave, honest and circumspect person to run the country and implement the constitution.”

“Dr. Rouhani! I congratulate you because you could act in such a way that people cast more votes for you than the previous round and chose you for a second term,” said the Sunni cleric.

He described this presidential election as “memorable,” and said the huge turnout as well as the high number of votes cast for Rouhani was unprecedented.

He then underlined that the Sunni community cares about Iran’s dignity, stature, integrity and security.

He said Iranian Sunnis are members of the great Iranian nation and will make every effort to defend the country’s territorial integrity and dignity.

Warmly applauded by the audience, Abdul-Hamid touched upon the demands of the Sunni community, including the demand that competent Sunnis be assigned to managerial posts across the country.

He said the employment of qualified and competent Sunni people will help boost the dignity of Iran in regional and international equations.

“Members of the Sunni community stand ready to serve [the nation] in any place that the government deems appropriate,” he noted.

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