Spokesman: Iran’s oversight body approves 750 candidates for parliamentary elections

In a recent announcement, the spokesman of the Iranian Guardian Council revealed that more than 750 candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections have been vetted and approved.

Tahan Nazif said on Sunday the names of the approved candidates are set to be sent to the Ministry of Interior, marking a crucial development in the electoral process.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, the Secretary-General of the Moderation and Development Party, disclosed that his party is eagerly anticipating the final opinion of the Guardian Council before unveiling its official candidates list.

He emphasized that the Moderation and Development Party is holding off on any announcements until 8 February, expressing hope that the Guardian Council and relevant institutions will address previous concerns.

Nobakht stressed that his party, close to the reformist camp, is advocating for a transparent and inclusive electoral process, aiming to facilitate the participation of all political currents in the upcoming elections.

The developments come as the Guardian Council has already banned former President Hassan Rouhani and former Minister of Intelligence, Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi, from standing in an election in March for the Assembly of Experts.

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