When it comes to deserts, few people can imagine a river or even a pond in them.

It is interesting to know that in the wonderful and eternal world of Iran’s Lut Desert, there is a river that takes its name from the taste of its water; it is called “the Shur (Salty) river”.

This river has come a long way to reach the Lut Desert. The salty river is the lifeblood of the Lut Desert, which carries a lot of salt along its path and will have its highest salinity when it reaches the center of the desert.

This is where we find out more about why the river has been called the Salty River. It is one of the strangest natural attractions in Iran.

This river is located in the heart of the Iranian desert. The water is initially fresh, but when it flows away from the heights, its salinity gradually increases, and when it reaches the desert, it has the world’s saltiest water.

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