Sunday, May 26, 2024

‘Shower-averse’ man dies in Iran after bath

Amoo Haji had managed to go without a shower for fifty years. Once, when fellow villagers in Dezhgah, in Iran’s Fars Province, attempted to throw him a good old bath and were taking him almost discreetly to a nearby river, he jumped out of the car as soon as he found out about their intentions.

In his shower-free streak, Amoo Haji would argue that if he took a bath, he would get sick and die. That prophecy, curiously enough, proved self-fulfilling.

While he had found a way out of the washing ritual every time, he was finally given a bath several months back.

On Sunday, he died. He was 94 and a lifetime celibate.

Villagers held a vigil for a man they had come to revere in spite of themselves on Tuesday.

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